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Easy to use. Just search a professor's name, and you will be immediately connected to other students' reviews. Filling out a review takes seconds.

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No more searching endlessly for a professor's name. Developed by and for Wesleyan students, with every course and professor listed.


No need to worry about whether a professor sees your negative review. All reviews are anonymous and protected. We just want honesty!

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We were frustrated with the lack of transparency between Wesleyan professors and the students. So we decided to change that.

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Reviews are reliable

All reviews are fresh and straight from Wesleyan students themselves

In order to have access to OurCampus, you must login with a Wesleyan email address. This guarantees that only Wesleyan students are writing and reading reviews. Additionally, all reviews are anonymous, allowing reviewers to be as honest as they need when evaluating a professor.

Straightforward user interactivity

No longer do you need to scroll through RateMyProfessor for hours.

The app is user friendly and includes every current Wesleyan professor, as well as every class taught in the last four years. This combination of having professors and classes permit students to have perfect insight into choosing their schedules before the semester begins. All professor reviews are displayed on the homepage with their overall numerical rating displayed. Tap on any professor and make or read a review!


Multiple useful metrics tailored towards your Wesleyan experience

Find easiest and best professors with the tap of a button.

There are several ways to search for professors as well. Do you want to know who the easiest professor in the english department is? Just press the button on top of the home screen from “Best Professors” to “Easiest Professors”.

Each review has several different categories that are useful for students when deciding on a professor or class. We include overall basic metrics like the difficulty of the professor and whether the user would recommend them. Some categories are more complex and useful to determine whether the professor is an effective lecturer or if they facilitate discussions well. OurCampus is not just trying to increase transparency between the administration and the Wesleyan community, we are trying to make life as easy as possible for the student body and take the stress away from choosing classes.

Additional functionality on the way

We are working tirelessly to bring other useful aspects to the app.

Our goal for OurCampus is to expand our reviews to Google Play to enable Android eligibility, as well as to our website, in order to reach as many users as possible.

Additionally, we would like to make OurCampus an application that Wesleyan students want to use all times of the year, not just during pre-registration. We want to expand to including the hours of dining halls, libraries, Wesshop and Pi so that we can assist Wesleyan students on a day-to-day basis. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see on the OurCampus app that would improve your experience, please email us!

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    With OurCampus, you can now choose the classes that are best fit for the experience you are looking for.

Contest Giveaway

For every review inputted, you will receive an additional entry into the giveaway for a chance to win AirPods, school gear, and more! Up to 10 reviews may count towards the contest. Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I log in with a non-Wesleyan email?

Nope! To ensure all reviews are legitament and reliable, you are required to sign in with your Wesleyan email.

Are my reviews anonymous?

Completely! We don't want you worried that a professor may see your negative review. We believe in transparency!

Can I advertise on your app?

Of course! Students also are able to advertise for a discounted price. See the template above.

Is there an Android version?

We are currently looking into other mobile versions, as well as a desktop functionality. Stay tuned!

Download on the App Store

Currently only available on the mobile App Store. Other platforms coming soon.

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